Annalise Thomas // JUST A SPOON

I need nothing more in life

Than a spoon.

With a spoon I can eat cereal

Or have some soup, or measure

Ingredients for baking.

I can mix things together.

I can swat a fly sitting silently

On the windowsill,

Or pound on the kitchen table to get attention.

Looking into its reflection,

I can study my face against its polished surface,

Or use it as a microphone and sing aloud

Pretending there’s a crowd watching,

Or cover one eye to make

Half of my world disappear.

I can use it as a slingshot

To fling random things across the room.

Or play the drums.

I can dig a tunnel to China.

I can have swordfights and

Eat ice cream.

With a spoon

I can do anything.