We were young jedi knights together

When I was in fourth grade, I tried to wear my hair and dress like Tenel-ka

When Jacen told a joke, I would share it with whoever was with me

And they would tell me to stop telling lame STAR WARS jokes

We fought the second Imperium,

The Diverstity Alliance,

And the Black Sun together

“What are we waiting for?”


We were there when Luke founded the New Jedi Order

We ran the belt together

We loved to fly together

We rose together

And fell together

We tricked the Yuuzhan Vong together

We laughed and cried and

We grew together


We carried on the Legacy of the Force together

(Or at least during the last three books)

We searched for Alema Rar together

We struggled to learn everything we could together

We even trained under Boba Fett together

And the spent a book on Mandalore together

And at the end

We cried together


We worried about the Fate of the Jedi together

And tried to find the cause of the insanity together

And fought Abeloth and Daala and the Sith together

And helped rescue Valin and Jysella Horn together

And helped raise Allana together

And formed Darkmeld together

And tried to help Tahiri together

And became Masters together


We grew together

We flew together

“What are we waiting for?”

We laughed and cried together

We struggled to learn together

And became Masters together

I wish I could still be the Sword of the Jedi with you

But thank you, for the journey