How is it that,

I can live in the birthplace of American liberty,

And be bored living here?


Every day I live among so much history,

So many stories.

Yet all I see in my town,

Are banks and salons.


When I walk the brick-laid

Sidewalks of the center of town,

I feel nothing.

I feel no emotion.


Small gift shops,

Overpriced coffee chains,

And upscale restaurants

Hardly keep my interest.


I have never been excited to go downtown.

I have never been proud to live here.


So, how is it that,

Despite all this,

I never want to leave?


The worn out,

Brick sidewalks

Have character.

A welcoming,

Warming character.


A character,

I have never felt

Anywhere else.

So, I think I will stay in Lexington.