Chris Jun // TIME

That feeling

That deep undeniable feeling

That sends one’s thoughts reeling

That motivates one’s corporal agents to fight

That feeling that something is not right.

They say that time will make it better

To those soaked in crimson blood and battered

They say that time will bring change

For the falsely accused who hear the bars clang

They say that time will wash away the pains

To those still caught up in yesterday’s chains.


This is America during the 16-something

Overseers are closely watching

Home of the free for those who have privilege

To build their freedom on the grounds of a dead village

Those unsung brothers and sisters abject to their society

Are facing the horror of slavery’s cruelty

Horror in the form of alienation from their homes

Horror of the violence causing outcries from their bones

Horror of knowing that even their children will be gone.

But time will make it better.


Jump through time to 18-whatevah

Chinese immigrants are stepping foot on America.

But these are not the ones who are video game experts

These are not the ones that are mathematical wizards

No these are the one’s who’ll die building railroads for the country

So that America could be connected for the following century

These are the ones who will be seen as filthy foreigners

Lynched and beaten by mindless murderers

Targeted by laws that only serve to uphold the racial barriers.

But time will make it better.


It is 2000 whatevah and I’m still waiting for time to make it better

Politicians condemning people with labels that stick out like a scarlet letter.

Terrorist, rapist, drug dealer, dangerous

These images are nothing but cancerous

It’s funny ‘cause when they said that all people were equal

I didn’t see the footnote saying that they decide who’s the people

It’s funny

Real funny

That in the face of bullets that seem to gravitate towards certain bodies

That in the face of violence that’s destroying certain communities

That in the face of laws that makes the flag a red deformity

They tell us to wait because time will





But I will not wait, for we have waited far too long for time to get here

It is time for a change

In the way people turn a blind eye

In the way there’s always something more important

It is time to shout and scream

At those who refuse to remove the damaging instruments

At those who just hope that it’ll go away.

It is time to confront the issues

That weigh us down into the margins

That make us second hand citizens.

That time is now.