Ella Breunig // FIRST TOOTH

When you were 6 months a citizen of the world

I said hello to you

And you cried.

It was not a happy beginning;

You were a fast learner

And before I could call for reinforcements

You presented me with my first 100 challenges:



We were partners in crime

                             in midnight snacks

                             in an utter hatred of orthodontistry and all it stood for


We grew together

You in the sun and I in the darkness

I was there for all the best days, the day I got to see bright flashes of the world between laughing lips

And all the worst days.

The mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream-in-the-passenger’s-seat days.

I was there the first time you wore lipstick

And the sticky afternoon you found out why they’re called “jawbreakers”


And I am here now

One in thirty-two-and-a-filling

To remind you

To remember

To smile.