There was once a caterpillar,

kind of brownish grey.

He had small tufts of fur

that wouldn’t go away.


When he was born,

his father frowned

and turned him over and upside down.


His mother asked “Well what is wrong?”

Nothing,” father said “he is just a little strange.”

She responded, “Don’t worry maybe one day he will change.”


And mother kept believing that her strange son would grow.

While kids teased him with nasty words,

because he was not what they preferred.


He grew up like this his whole life,

even when he became a butterfly.

For he was not beautiful, and the others still passed him by.


But one day, when the everyone else had kicked him out

he saw a caterpillar, small and brownish grey,

who also looked like he wanted to play.


Well what is wrong?” the big butterfly asked.

Nothing,” he said “I’m just a little bit strange.”

And the butterfly responded, “well you know you will never really change.”


The little caterpillar looked up at him with a frown.

He responded “and that’s just perfect because you will always be you, it will be okay.”

And the little caterpillar thought, I hope I’m like him someday.