Hyunwoo Do // ONE AT A TIME

How could I ever make it through?

Shooting one hundred twenty arrows,

For two days, back to back,

And for countless hours each day.


My throat singes like a torrid, blistering fire.,

My voice diminishes to hardly,

a sore murmur and whisper.

The surroundings around me,

Supportive parents in the bleachers,

benevolent coaches,

to even the hushed archers,

waiting for their queue.

Seems as if…

they are shifting- vigorously, turbulently.


I block out all sight,

only concentrating

on the emptiness and blackness.

then swiveled to face the vibrant target,

eighteen meters away.


I grimaced as a shocking spasm

circulated my body while raising my bow.

The sight throbbed,

incapable of locking on to the gold.

Just a few seconds.

My eyes dilate, fixating on the center.

I released, watching the arrow flutter

gracefully away from me.


How could I possibly make it through?

One at a time of course.