Ian Huang // IPAD

iPhone’s big brother,

What iPhone can’t do you can do

Your little brother’s small surface

is only large enough to cut grapes on

But on you, people can cut

steaks, vegetables, and actual Apples!

You can go into the oven, the dishwasher,

even the microwave invites you

and so does the stove

You are so convenient to clean and cook

Eggs cook cleanly on you

with your stick-proof surface


Your fantastic big surface,

Best for using as a tray!

Many bowls and plate sit on you

plus your shiny and glossy body

Serves the best meal we will ever have


You even upgrade yourself every year

Thinner and thinner

Lighter and lighter

Thin enough to be a knife

Fruit ninja can finally be realistic

Light enough to be a frisbee

Kids will never stay home again

No wonder you are the best-selling tablet on the market.