Pan. Peter Pan. The boy who will never grow up.

Still a child, but still thinks he knows all.

He flys time and time again. The little mutt

Can’t see straight as he takes flight over The Atoll.


Oh Smee, he can’t see. No! He won’t see.

Children, mermaids, indians, fairies, fun

Are all he wants to see, but pirates at sea

Now that’s a sight he needs to gaze upon.


We argh pirates to his fantasy, but

We argh truly brave nights in disguise

We argh part of the world of actuality

We argh the ones he fights from sunset to sunrise.


He has a tick-tock crocodile on his side

While I am forced to face the beast, and

Yes! I deal with time and time again and I do not hide

Because I manage to survive it at least.


Pan. Peter Pan. The boy who will forever be a coward.

Still a child, but will neverland in reality.