Joanna Samsel // MEOW

I’m sorry about it all


Especially the curtains

But I just couldn’t help myself

Those fluttering drapes taunted me


Back and forth

Back and forth

In a hypnotizing rhythm

So I dragged my claws through their expensive satin fabric

The tearing sound giving me such pleasure

Honestly, I think they look better as fringe


I’m also sorry about the dog

But he had it coming

All I was trying to do was take a well-deserved nap

And this nuisance had to come along and ruin it

Swatting my tail, begging me to play

I gave him 5 seconds to leave me alone





Maybe I was a little impatient


And I’m sorry about your hand

You should know I’m ticklish there

In my sensitive abdomen

Look at it this way,

Those claw marks may be painful now

But think of all the incredible stories you can tell people!

“I survived a fight with a….

really small bear.”

Or maybe just that your pet cat

Is an incredible fighter

And that no one should mess with me