Karen Kim // LA

To other people it is

a city of superficial dreams

with superficial people.

But to me,

it is what I called home

for the past 11 years.


The place that carries my childhood,

my best friends, my favorite restaurants,

my life.


The fresh, polluted air,

traffic jams at every hour,

the sun with its infectious warmth,

In-n-Out Burgers that are way better than Shake Shack,

Santa Monica Pier with its ferris wheel looking beyond the horizon,

the view of sunsets with myriad of golden hues,

cranky joggers on juice cleanses and lemon detox diets,

afternoon hikes up to the Griffith Observatory,

but most importantly,

the people there

that I was able to share all other these things with.


Friendships that are invaluable

but something that can only remain there.


I can no longer call that place my home

but a meaningful memory instead.