Laurel Soulier // HIDDEN HOUSE

Quiet, Calm, and Peaceful

a serene spot secluded within

trees of cape cod


two clay lions stand strong guarding the door

inside the hidden house

the cool tile and dusty furniture

sit abandoned from the summer before

missed and never forgotten


memories fill the hallways

dancing in the pool

picking blueberries from the secret garden out back

exploring the maze of pathways that surround the house

all leading back to the clay lions brave and tough

keeping the memories of summers past safe


 I watch from the old worn porch

as the sun sets slowly over the ocean

and the bramble covered hills

 over the wildflowers and hummingbirds


 the sunset turns golden reflecting

off the glistening water

while the waves crash softly on the shore

after the sun sets I can hear the howl of coyotes

and the salty ocean breeze runs through the hidden house