When she was just a little girl she loved to play.

In the playground on the swings,

In her backyard with her dog,

In the neighborhood park down the street.

But her mother warned her about the park,

There were strange men in the park,

Strange men who gave candy to sweet little girls like her.

And if a strange man were to ever turn to her and say,

“Do you want a piece of candy, sweetheart?”

She had to run away and find her mom,

And she must never take the candy.

Because strange men who try to give candy to little girls cannot be trusted.


But she grew older and stopped going to the park.

She graduated college with pride,

She got a job that she loved,

She moved to the city and bought an apartment.

But she had to be careful in the city,

There were strange men in the city too,

In bars, and restaurants, and at parties.

Strange men who offered to buy her a drink, or just give her a drink, or even just push it into her hands.

And if one of these men turned to her and said,

“I bought a drink for you, sweetheart”

She had to take it,

And she had to say thank you,

And she had to drink it.

Because she has to trust a strange man who forces drinks onto young women.


She wonders what her mom would think of the city,

The city’s much bigger than the park and there’s much less candy,

But many more men.

She doesn’t quite know what she would think,

So she wonders.