Maria Gracia Santillana // HOW TO SUCCEED

How do you live

In a world that tells you


At every chance,

At every opportunity,

Someone dares to offer you?


How do you succeed

If your wings are cut

Before you know

You can fly?


How do you show them your potential,

When their minds are made up

Before you even say Hi?


You show them,

That you can fly without wings

Soar through the winds

With just the power of your mind.


You show them,

There is no need for introductions

Because it’ll be your name

up there along with those that came

before you.


You show them,

That anything is possible

In a world where you control you,

Where the sky’s the limit,

Where books are merely a suggestion

for all that you can do.


Show them that

all you need to succeed,

Is you.