Matan Gans // INNOCENCE

She remembers the first day of school.

Leaving the safety of Daddy’s embrace for the first time.

She remembers meeting the teacher and liking the school and

making her first friend over a game of hide-and-seek, and

she remembers discovering a world larger than any one that she has ever known.

She remembers when that friend moved away, and she started crying

although she had no bruises.

She remembers her first love, her first kiss,

her first heartbreak.

And that time she failed a test, and knew it was because she didn’t study, and

she learned the feeling of regret.

She remembers the first time she was invited to a party.

She drank a beer because her friends said it was fun, and

she remembers thinking it was.

She remembers coming home late and the anger

when her parents smelled it on her breath, and

she remembers the fight and the noise, and

the disappointment on Daddy’s face as he was losing his little girl.

She remembers the funeral,

the first time she saw her parents cry, looking small in their huddled embrace,

As the coffin was lowered into the ground.

And she questioned death and the meaning of life and the point of it all.

She remembers growing up.

She remembers the loss, as

the world consumed all that remained of her