Maya Fray-Witzer // SEARCHING

When something is lost

You go looking for it


So I lifted every couch cushion

Sliding my hands down into

The deep and dusty creases

Coming up with coins

My old charm bracelet


If something doesn’t show up

You continue looking for it


So I crawled under the bed

Exploring the darkness with my fingers

Books, two pencils, and some headphones

A pair of amber eyes materialize

And a startled cat swipes at my palm


If something seems to disappear

You persist in looking for it


So I went through my drawers

Pushing aside ratty T-Shirts

The sweater I liked in middle school

A worn sketchpad

A  bag of glimmering sea glass


If something is nowhere to be found

You accept its absence


So I don a T-shirt and my sweater

Placing the headphones around my neck

Putting change in my pocket

And the charm bracelet on my wrist

And I leave home

Regretting my loss

Yet content

To have found myself in the search