Megan Jakob // 15

The only age

When you can choose your friends

And these friends seem forever

You can’t imagine your life without them

But, in a few years,  they most likely will

Be unheard of

A distant memory in the back of your mind


The only age

That is old but not old enough

Like fine wine

Waiting to be discovered

And to be recognized as a treasure


The only age

When dreams are childish

Still dreamt

But remain unspoken

And such things are an embarrassment

But contain the only hope that seems to exist


The only age

When it is considered normal to not be understood

New moods every day

New terms every day

“Teenagers” they call us

As though they don’t wish they understood

Someone tell me quick,

Am I supposed to know what’s going on too?


The only age

When decisions are harder than ever

The future is closer, but the time is still now

Which one to choose?


The only age

When sneaking out late at night

Is expected but frowned upon

When you can go out and have fun

But still; within limits


The only age

When staying up giggling with friends

Are the best of nights

When sass becomes an art form

Like lying

The jealousy of others’ lives

And knowing you are stuck with yourself

At least for now

Because you can still change


Three hundred and sixty-five days

To make fifteen

The Age.

The Only.