Michael Read // HOME

St. Louis,

a distant city that I can’t quite remember.

Where I was born

in a hospital where my father worked.

Where I took

my first steps.

Cardinals caps and old family albums,

are all I have left of …



a small town in Pennsylvania.

Where I rode my bike

for the first time.

Where I met Cole,

my first best friend.

Pirates caps and photos on the wall,

Are all I have left of …



a place of new opportunities

Where I made new friends,

and still remembered Cole.

Where I worked,

for the first time.

Red Sox caps and photos on my phone,

are what makes up my …



A place that I can’t ever get back

once I leave it.

No matter how many times I visit,

it never feels the same.

It is another family’s now.

Stains and dents in the wall,

are not memories to them,

but instead just reminders,

that it once was someone’s place

to call their own.