Life is full of rocky paths that try to block our way,

And moments when we feel like a trash compactor is pressing us down to the ground.

But every once in awhile,

The compactor hits stop,

And life opens a gate to allow us to enter a pathway

Where we can just hit pause on everything.


To take in where we are in life and see ourselves

In the mirror of our past.

The journey to reach such a reflection starts with a slope.

So steep that you feel like you are falling rather than walking.


It is a journey within a journey to reach this place.

It is a harsh and scary trek as you walk the path meant for one.

You feel so fearful that your heart races and you pick up your pace,

Trying to not have wooden nails scratch you,

And avoiding the hands of stone grab at your feet.


Then you come out into the clear.

The warm and bright star in the sky caresses your face

As you wake up in a world of utter peace and silence.


You are surrounded by tall green giants,

As they sway their many arms back and forth.

They shed some of their green skin,

And you can’t help but close your eyes and twirl as they dance around you in the wind,

Slowly falling and softly brushing up against your body.

The ground does their best to keep these happy giants upright.


The sharp scent of the soil tastes like iron in your mouth.

You breathe in the air in its purest clarity,

As it grows in power and makes your hair come to life and dance

To a tune only they can hear.


The silent sound of this place

Allows you to truly appreciate your presence on this Earth

This path reads your mind, as it hears you and speaks back to you.


After taking this break from the path of Life that knocked you down,

You rise once again,

Feeling nothing, but resolve,

And the trash compactor never resuming its function,

As you walk on a smoother path.