Shira Garbis // BATTERY LIFE

They say opposites attract.

For batteries this is most certainly true:

they meet by chance,

luck of the draw


thrown into the back of a remote or

a little motorized toy,


left only to be drained

of life.




It was a warm day in summer little tyke

carlos was bored out of his brain

no good shows on tv no

more comics to read no

siblings to annoy

no games to play


out of the corner of his eye a

slight glimmer scintillating in

the afternoon sun there lay his

little toy truck

none other than the little red one


he dusted it off and

picked up the remote but

the car it just wouldn’t



Carlos knew what to do he

jumped down the stairs

ran to the closet and

opened the door he

grabbed two little batteries

and stuffed them into his little red truck




Dylan Duracell and Ella Energizer  conversed

quietly in the dark

as little tyke carlos played with his little red truck


it sped up the hill and then it rolled  down.

It splashed through puddles

as it tore up the town




Dylan and Ella were getting tired quite fast

we are half empty dylan cried no we’re half

full Ella replied remember to look always on

the positive side. They exchanged a sad look

they both knew they didn’t stand much of a chance





little tyke carlos screamed but Dylan

and Ella just couldn’t do it they

couldn’t push through they knew

this was inevitable

but they didn’t think it would come so soon




the little red truck slowed to a stop

little tyke carlos began to cry but

on the inside no sounds were


for Dylan and Ella lay silently

their battery had been drained