The challenge doesn’t start when I walk into the restaurant,

It starts in the morning seven hours before.

Pangs of hunger claw and scratch at my stomach,

I must not give into the temptation to eat.

The cheeseburger does not fare kindly against a full belly.



I feel the warm beams of sunlight

Fall gently upon my face.

The vintage red sign with red droopy letters,

Brings forth a wave of nostalgia and fondness.

The sweet aroma of hamburger grease wafting through the air,

Lures me inside like a magnet.



Excited chatter and encouragement echo throughout,

Up the last bite is ingested.

Pictures adorn the walls,

Depicting the triumphs of conquest.

The 1 pound cheeseburger defeated over and over again.



Finally it’s my time for my moment of truth:

Bite after bite of the 1 pound burger.

A mechanical process that results in no progress;

Enjoyment of the hamburger is a lost cause at this point.

Milkshake after milkshake quenches my parched throat:

An insurmountable obstacle.



My insides feel like a balloon about to burst.

Bathroom break after bathroom break,

3 Hours Pass and I swallow the final bite.

David has finally beat Goliath;

Cheeburger Cheeburger is home.