In a world where waking up is a daily reminder for half of us of the poverty we may never leave


In a world where violence is seen as a way to spread ideologies with pain and death

as a small sacrifice


In a world where men like Hitler and Trump can rise to power by scapegoating others in lands as civilized as our own


In a world where the drunkard drinks to forget the shame they feel

for drinking

so much


In a world where a drug offense gets you five life sentences but the killing of three

gets you probation


In a world where its seven billion people are drowning in the great sea of misery and sadness


The show goes on.

Directed by the people watching us from above, produced by the visionaries and believers, choreographed by the most outspoken,

designed by the architects and artists,

closely managed by the wealthy, and performed

by the rest of us.